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YOU will Save a FORTUNE in advertising FEES from the big players like Facebook and Google as well as other major competitors that can manipulate ad fees into EXTREME pricing.
Do you understand that Google offer great advertising but, You pay for someone that clicks on you ad. For example, if you were trying to sell a diet product, you would be looking at $1 to $5 each click. That gets expensive very quickly and there is no guaranty of sales in the contract.
The cost is based like this. Google offers a tool called Keyword Planner. A great tool that tells you how many times people search for a specific search in a month. They even have a suggestion tool that will tell you which keyword to use and how much traffic it will bring you. If you don't know what you are doing, you will give up because of the tremendous cost simply because you had no idea which keyword to use efficiently. For example, if you were to pay for Best Diet. You are likely to pay soethign at least $5 per lead. But there are millions of websites using those words. People browse those websites one after another. But they don't buy. Searching for the miracle cure to their problem. They've heard it all.
What if I told you that Google is going to screw you over? I have proof that they hide the keywords that bring a lot of traffic and are dirt cheap. Why would they do it? Google is after your money. It's that simple. But you could use a keyword that has no competition and has 1000's of searches a month and would cost you 5 cents a click. But they would lose A LOT Of MONEY!
Facebook Ads
I find that Facebook as a great insights tools. The problem is that you have to do a lot of testing. But a great system if you have a few $100's to waste before you figure it all out. You need to narrow down to what works and again, $20 a click per ad gets expensive. But since they started to dictate what we can post on issues that are important to all of us, I find it a great place to exploit. I am here to save you lots of money and help you make a living on mine the same way I am doing it.
If you feel offended by what I think, you can just move on. I work hard for my money and I don't like getting ripped off.
CPA Offers
I'll cut to the chase with that. They all promise you the moon and it seems to get nowhere. I write bots. Those are software that do automated tasks. For example, you can use a bot that crawls your site and give you visits so that Google will raise your ranking. Ranking a website is the best thing that might happen to you. But sometimes, I wonder if the CPA offers aren't just some bots that get you excited so you keep spending money because you got so close to make a sale. All in all this is very costly and frustrating for anyone that is trying to start a business online.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Search engine optimization is something you should definitely learn. I took a course from the top internet marketers in the U.S.A. and it helped me a lot. Once you know how to do it properly, you might see some incredible results. But then it's the race to find the ideal product where you won't have 5 million sites to compete against. A website with great SEO will cost 1000's of dollars if you can afford it. It would be worth to buy a website that is already ranked if you had the money. But I am here for the regular marketer that is trying to do something new and make a few extra dollars from home.
Why I Am Doing This
I had a construction accident that pushed me to try a variety of things on the internet in order to help my wife pay the bills. But it was a lot of trials an errors. I never gave up because like you, I realized the potential of marketing where I can reach any customer based on what I sell and, not be restricted to my little town of a thousand people to make a living. I love interacting with people but they just won't listen to you after a while. Because you tried this and that and never really made it. So after my accident I decided to try it out and eliminate what didn't work. The ultimate goal was to be able to sell any product I wanted and, doing it easily. I am actually having fun doing it. So will you!
What You Can Do With This
Convert Ordinary Websites, Blogs & Funnels into a SALES MACHINE - without websites, landing pages, funnels or opt-in forms. Overlay your ads ON OTHER SITES!
Maximize reach and engagement with 100% TARGETED TRAFFIC suiting your niche perfectly, EVERY SINGLE TIME and, TURN TRAFFIC INTO SALES!
Eliminate the guesswork and get down to reaching your customer.
Most Importantly, Generate that traffic ON DEMAND
How Complicated Is It To Do?
Name your campaign so you recognize it
Name you link to fit your product or target
Pick your target website
Insert your ad
Copy your link to any social networks
Watch your traffic flow in and sales hit the roof
How Can Hijacking Websites Be Legal?
It is legal because we are in no way shape or form touching their actual website. We are simply looking through a window at their website.
How Can Hijacking Websites Become Illegal?
Hijacking Websites for example, during a hijack of the Ellen Degenerous website, it would become illegal if you were to create a pop up that has a picture of Ellen holding your product in her hand or have her saying that she recommends the product. Having a product POP UP with no reference to Ellen is fine. This is called ambush marketing, is a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed and anyone caught doing it will be removed from our website. We're not looking for a lawsuit
The Ideal Scenario
Now this is where you need to be creative. For example, If you have software to do it such as a scraper, that would be ideal. Log into Facebook. Search a fan page or a group about your specific topic. Lets say we want to sell a diet product that contains KETONE.
You need a celebrity name such as Dr. Oz. You have to find the biggest group or fan page related to him. Or, you need to find huge diet groups, something like that. Using hijack, you do not have to worry about not being allowed to post your product. Hijacking gets around that one easily. Many groups will ban you, if you try to advertise your personal products on it. BETTER YET – search the internet for a program he did that features KETONE, where he was in favour of it. Make sure you watch his full video, or read the whole article, in case he was against it.
Once you have your target audience, open the software, insert the URL (web address) you want to hijack, (ex. Dr. Oz website where you found the article or video) Name your link something related to your HIJACK such as dr-oz https://recommended-product.com /dr-oz. Post this link on the diet page and make a headline to read something like… “Have you guys ever tried a KETONE DIET like he mentions here?”
Make sure it is something appealing so that people are encouraged to click on the link. Or you could be provocative. I think Dr. Oz is out of his mind, watch this…. You can also use a click bait title. Be creative. Then, set your pop up with a time delay. It gives the website time to load, and makes it seem more legitimate. If you use a video on your pop up, make sure the page you HIJACK doesn’t have a video that plays automatically. They would have to close your pop up to pause the one playing in the background. That would ruin your HIJACK.
Once you save your link, it’s ready to go. Make sure the pop up image is linked to your product link. That’s it. There are a few other features in the software with highlights on what they are used for. Such as randomly switching pop ups on specific keywords.
You can track your hits and see the rate of conversion by looking at your sales and fine tune your hijack to be efficient. Pay attention to the time of day when you post. Make it worth your time. You can always go back in your hijack and switch to a different site or, change the pop up without affecting the link being shared.
Message me on Facebook if you have signed up and are having any problems. I can set your asccount manually. It’s brand new and we haven’t tested everything yet but the software kicks ass.
Contact our team for more information.
Also available: SEO, hosting, web design, web development, graphic design, logo, banners, articles, etc. We have all the resources necessary. Tell us what you need.
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