Link Building Services | Is It Wasting Money?

Link building services are needed.  What about cost and Quality?  Did you know that you could create your own for much less work and waste no more money?  Save hours and money with Link Building Automation.

Link Building Services

Link building services and backlink building is essential.  It requires content related sited.  High authority and high page ranks.  The popularity of the site sending you a backlinks is most important.  Will you get what you are paying for?

Link Building Scam

Backlink building services have been scamming people with cheap quality links and using only long tail keywords.  Yes it does rank sometimes.  But most time, the results is that they gave you keywords with barely any visits to your site.  Considering conversion, you need a lot of visits.  lets say you have a possible 1000 visits a month because you rank on top of first page. Now lets say 40% clicked on the page, that’s 400 clicks.  out of that,  another 6% actually made to the cart.  Then only another 10% will actually complete the purchase.  that’s 2 completed sales.  But they are using keywords with 10 to 50 visits a month.

Link Building manually

The reality of building backlinks manually is that it’s boring, a lot of research and endless.  Not all domains will allow you to post a link and many won’t share their sources.  it takes 100’s of hours of work to rank a page based on competition.  If you type your topic, you can tell how many websites you are competing against by looking at google results.

Link Building Software

The advantage is that it’s partly automatic.  Always requiring time to setup for different campaign.  The big disadvantage is the cost.  Software like bookmark demon or senuke are very efficient but cots hundreds of dollars to run.  On top on the cost at $300 plus, you hve to pay for a captcha service and proxies.  That could mean hundreds of dollars a week.

Link Building Technology

Link building technology has a lot to offer.  My favorite is the one from the video above.  Why?  I installed it and that is all I had to do.  The cost was way cheaper than any other service you’ll ever find and a fraction of what other software cost per month but this was a opne time payment. So why even consider link building services when you can have your own or offer it as a service to other clients with the agency license?  Good question , right?

Click the link below and check out the software.

Link Building Crisplinks Software

Try to rank the old way if you are into wasting hours and money.

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