10 tips for getting started in SEO

Have you heard of search engine optimization or SEO and want to take advantage of this web marketing leverage? But you don’t know where to start? Here are 10 tips for beginners to optimize your SEO!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing in French, consists in optimizing your website and your pages in order to be well positioned in the organic results of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).


SEO aims to boost your visibility in search engine results such as Google.

The objective here is to generate free and lasting qualified visits to your website and thus ensure to increase your leads and conversions: contact, request for quote, purchase, etc.

SEO is in short an opportunity to win you many new customers.



When it comes to SEO, it is important to respect the famous adage that says you should prioritize quality over quantity.

This is the best advice you can give to a beginner. It is necessary to produce qualitative, accessible, differentiating content with high added value for readers.

Whether on your website or on your social networks, creating interesting content will make you more visible. You will appear more regularly on the web and your business will have increased visibility.

Who says visibility necessarily means traffic!

Regularly creating quality content will improve your search engine rankings. This will logically increase the traffic on your site or on your social networks.

However, it is not enough to publish mass content in order to increase your visibility. The content must be thought out and optimized in order to appeal to your targets and audiences.


In order to optimize your SEO, it is necessary that you do in-depth work on your keywords.

The question you need to ask yourself is: what queries do I want my website to stand out on? You will then have to adapt your keywords accordingly.

You should know that the selection of your “keywords” has an impact on your way of approaching your audience, on the writing of your content and on your communication strategy as a whole.

You need to find and use the words that your potential customers use when looking for information on search engines.

In addition, you must be attentive to the volume of search relating to your keywords / expressions and the level of competition of these latter.

Indeed, you must find the right balance between keywords on which it will be difficult, if not impossible to position yourself as the competition is strong. And keywords on which it will be relatively easy to rank, but which generate only a few clicks.


This point is to be linked directly to the previous one.

Indeed, quality content that meets the needs of your customers will have a strong tendency to be shared by these same customers.

If your relevant content meets their expectations and brings real value, they will be sure to share it with their contacts who will share it themselves on their networks.

Here’s a simple and efficient way to get traffic and clicks fast and exponentially!

In this sense, we can only encourage you to invite your customers to share your content, with a share button for example!


What is a backlink you ask? And you’re right !

A backlink, or inbound link in English, is a link from a third-party site that points to your website.

For example, this can take the form of a blog specializing in your field that will write an article in which it includes a link redirecting to your site.

So, you will benefit from traffic through this new link.

Also, if the link to your website comes from a site that is recognized by Google as a trusted referral, it significantly improves your SEO.

We recommend that you go fishing for links!

Be careful, however, not to scatter yourself. Again, prioritize link quality over quantity.

Indeed, it is better that you benefit from a few links coming from reliable entities and recognized by the search engines, than coming from what are called “link farms”.

The links coming from these farms are very poor quality and can be harmful to you because, used excessively, it is considered as spam by Google and the other search engines.


You know that with the Internet everything is quickly outdated and replaced. What was true yesterday will not necessarily be true tomorrow.

In this sense, you need to keep your content up to date so that it does not become outdated. Because obsolete content is content that will have little interest for its reader.

And, you are aware now, content that brings little to its reader is content that will not be shared later. You will therefore not benefit from this wekmarketing leverage to boost your SEO.

Also, note that Google (and other search engines) takes the publication date of your content into account in its search results ranking algorithm.


This is a parameter that is too often overlooked.

Do you like waiting long seconds for a page to load? Google and your customers either!

Indeed, if your site takes too long to load you can be sure that your potential customers will leave your page to go to the site of one of your competitors.

And, search engines take the loading speed factor into account in their search result ranking.

So, you have to be careful with this parameter. Make sure you use a good web host, deactivate inactive plugins and compress your images and videos, for example.

Many tools are available on the Internet to assess your speed such as: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en


Haven’t you gotten into the habit of starting your research on the Internet before going to the store? If so, you are like 80% of Internet users!

Note that a third of Internet users perform local searches at least once a week. AND, 50% of those searches result in a store visit. Do you understand all the stakes ?!

It is then necessary that you inform the search engines about your business.

Your important information such as your hours, address and phone number should be easily accessible to your customers.

Search engines like to return the most relevant results to users. Often, this means that they will suggest businesses within 500m rather than 500km in the search results.

You must then optimize your content, study your keywords and work on the queries that your customers are likely to enter.

We can only advise you to use “Google My Business” in order to make your information on Google accessible with one click.

It is essential that you learn how to propel your sales in physical thanks to the Internet.


Today, whatever your market and your targets, it is more than likely that your competitors are also present on the Internet. How then can you stand out?

The answer is simple: you have to mark your customers, they have to remember you.

A good way to get this result is to optimize what is called User Experience or UX (User Experience).

An intuitive and positive experience promotes the loyalty of Internet users and their conversion.

In this sense, it is imperative that you understand your customers in order to design a cohesive and functional website.

The ergonomics, the loading time of your pages or the responsive aspect (adaptability to media) significantly impact the conversion rate, traffic generation, but also the notoriety and image of your brand.

Investing in setting up an optimized and ergonomic website is the assurance for your company of a significant return on investment!


Secret to Success Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Here is a piece of advice that may seem trivial although oh so precious.

You should know that natural optimization for search engines is a long process.

Your efforts may not bear fruit tomorrow, or even next week or even the following month. But, you need to stay focused on your goals and take a long-term view!

The returns on your SEO investment can be substantial, but you’ll need to be patient

What if you don’t have time to wait?

Do you want to quickly propel your Business on the Web thanks to search engines in order to obtain immediate results? In this case, it is necessary that in addition to working on your SEO you are interested in Paid Referencing (SEA).

Although diametrically opposed, the concepts of SEO and SEA are complementary. You need to learn to juggle these two web marketing levers.


You should know that today more than half of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile phones. And, that number is only increasing.

This should invite you to review your digital strategy in favor of mobile users.

For companies, the major interest of searches carried out via smartphone lies in the fact that search engines, Google for example, geolocate the Internet user and update the results according to his geographical position.

Many mobile users then click on these results and be redirected to your website from their phones. It is then absolutely necessary that you adapt your website to these new users.

Your site must be “responsive”. That is to say, it must be adapted to mobile users in order to facilitate their navigation on your pages.

This implies, for example, reviewing your menus, your images, reducing your textual content and limiting the superfluous.

Making your site accessible to mobile users is a major challenge!

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How To Improve Google Search Ranking

How To Boost Your Vsibility On Google In A Few Hours



How to boost your visibility on Google in a few hours

How To Boost Your Visibility On Google?  This period of confinement is an opportunity to dig into subjects that you do not have the time to usually deal with. The question of your visibility on Google (natural referencing / SEO) is one of these key topics. Too often neglected, SEO is however likely to bring you many customers. Do you want to boost your visibility on Google, simply and without spending too much time there? Follow, and especially apply, these few tips:

T the numbers speak:

Before embarking on optimizing your natural visibility / SEO, it is essential to take stock of your visibility on the web.

To do this, it is likely that a statistical tracking tool, such as Google Analytics, is installed on your site (if this is not the case, install a tool as soon as possible: Google Analytics, Matomo, Piwik .. .).

Take the time to analyze your numbers. If these tools can allow you to identify a good number of opportunities, from an SEO point of view, you can in particular identify:

● The share of traffic you receive from search engines / Google> clearly distinguish between natural visits and visits made via Google Ads (if you use this last lever).

● Which pages receive the most natural traffic

● How many leads (contacts, sales, registrations …) do you gain thanks to SEO

● Follow the evolution of your visibility (do you gain visitors …)

Add your keywords in your “Titles”:

Basic, but very effective, the simple fact of adding your keywords in your Title / Title tags of your pages, can have a significant impact on your positions and on your visits.

Note that your Titles are not directly visible on the pages of your website. On the other hand, they are visible in the Google results pages:

How to boost your visibility on Google
Complete explanatory title

So, after identifying your priority keywords, you need to include them in your Title pages. 

If your site is based on the WordPress platform (CMS), you can easily change the titles of your pages through a plugin such as Yoast SEO.

Try to include your keywords at the beginning and stick to a length of around 60 characters.

Catch your gaze:

Your Titles tags should be eye-catching and get people to click on them.

A good idea for creating impactful titles might be to watch what your competition is doing …

You can also watch what big web players are doing to try to stand out and find inspiration:

How to boost your visibility on Google
Stand out with words

Do any of the above results make you click more than another?

Write impactful SEO titles:

Here are some good practices for writing impactful headlines:

● Use an active voice: Discover, Enjoy quickly …

● Write in the second person

● Use impactful words

● Use numbers, parentheses or brackets.

Complete your pages:If you still have a little time, take the opportunity to optimize and / or expand the textual content that you have within your pages.
Target keywords that are relevant to the topic of each page (lexical field), and use synonyms. Use subtitles, and listings.

If textual content is essential, consider embellishing your pages with images, and possibly videos.

That’s How To Boost Your Visibility On Google

Measure your results and optimize:

The impact of your actions is unlikely to be felt immediately (allow about 3 weeks). Remember to regularly monitor your visit statistics and measure your performance.
Beyond your positions on Google, you should even increase visits from natural referencing / SEO.
To erase the possible effects of seasonality, you can compare your traffic to Number 1.

Yes, SEO is a priority!

If times can be tough, be sure that working on your SEO is indeed a priority to communicate effectively and at a lower cost.
If the results are not necessarily immediate, stay the course, there is room on Google. In some areas, we can even talk about a boulevard: take advantage of it!

If this all sounds like a lot of work and you are in a hurry, maybe use the software I use to get good ranking on many search engines like Google.

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how to improve google search ranking

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how to improve your search ranking with software

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Organic Traffic data analysis to your website:

traffic automation
Traffic Analysis

If we analyze data from different traffic sources on a broader note,

  1. Social media accounts for 6%
  2. Direct traffic holds 40%
  3. Search accounts for 34%

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