EMF Protection Baby Blanket | EMF Protection Clothing

EMF protection Baby Blanket

EMF Protection Baby Blanket

Our SYB Baby Blanket is a comfortable and hypoallergenic soft cotton flannel blanket, lined with 18% silver, that deflects up to 99.9% of wireless radiation.

Simply put the SYB Baby Beanie on your baby’s body, and his or her body is protected wherever he/she goes!

We try and find the best products to protect your baby and this is our top pick for babie beanies and emf protection.  We will always update our product selection if we find something better.  We appreciate your visit.  Please share our products.

EMF Protection Baby Blanket From SYB

SYB Baby Blanket

$99.00 USD

Shield Your Baby with the SYB EMF Protection Baby Blanket.

  • Shields up to 99.9% of EMF radiation.
  • 5G Tested up to 26 GHz. Also works on 4G/LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Comes in multiple stylish colors.
  • Luxurious hypo-allergenic flannel, with non-toxic dye.
  • This is the largest EMF baby blanket available: each blanket is 40″ x 32″ (~102 x 81cm).
  • Proudly made in the USA & Canada.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on every order– the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • 30 DAY RETURNS no questions asked.
  • All prices are in US dollars.

Shield Your Baby in Style with the SYB Baby Blanket

SYB Baby Blanket, EMF Protection Blanket
emf protection baby blanket

Our SYB Baby Blanket is a comfortable and hypoallergenic soft cotton flannel blanket, lined with 18% silver, that deflects up to 99.9% of wireless radiation.

Our Baby Blanket makes it easy to shield your baby from harmful EMF radiation from wireless devices.

EMF Protection Baby Blanket

Real Science

Our radiation blocking SYB Baby Blanket is a product of science, not superstition. We use universally established scientific principles to shield your baby.

Each blanket is woven with thin silver thread that forms a shield to surround and protect your baby.

emf protection baby blanket
emf protection baby blanket
emf protection baby blanket
emf protection baby blanket

Triple Layer Construction

Each Baby Blanket is made from three layers. The two outside layers are made from US-grown cotton flannel, and dyed with non-toxic dyes.

In between the two layers of flannel is a sheet of translucent ecological unbleached cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, woven with microscopic silver wire to form a protective mesh.

And it’s all sewn together in Canada with high-quality stitching that we guarantee for life.

Great For Moms, Too!

The SYB Baby Blanket can also protect pregnant women.

Just wrap the Baby Blanket around your belly while you sit or work to shield your baby in the womb. 

emf protection baby blanket
emf protection baby blanket


Ours is the only EMF Baby Blanket made in the USA and Canada, with high quality North American workmanship. Your baby deserves nothing less.


Easy to Use

Using our SYB Baby Blanket couldn’t be easier. Just use it like a regular blanket. That’s it! And now your baby is protected!


Smart Design

Because our SYB Baby Blanket shields your baby, and not your devices, they provide protection without interfering with the reception, performance or battery life of your wireless devices.


Machine Washable & Dryable

Your new SYB Baby Blanket is machine washable AND dryable.

Machine wash on the ‘delicate’ setting, or hand wash, with cold water. Tumble dry with no heat, or air dry. Do not iron, twist, wring dry, bleach or dry clean.


EMF Protection Devices

emf protection for the whole family


EMF Protection Devices And Knowing the dangers of electromagnetic pollution helps limit them. We are all concerned, see how to protect yourself.

EMF Protection against electromagnetic pollution.  What do you know about electromagnetic pollution (e-smog)? Fatigue, hyperactivity, stress and nervousness, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations are just a few examples of the reactions that our body can have when exposed to electromagnetic fields. They affect us all, but to different degrees. See how Plocher® products can protect you. What is electromagnetic pollution and how exactly does it affect you?

All of the elements of nature are surrounded and permeated with invisible frequencies. For example, insects, with their antennae, perceive frequencies of food or those of a habitat at a great distance. The sounds we hear are also waves. In our body, the brain, nerves and heart naturally induce currents or electric fields. With the creation of man’s electrical and electronic technologies, new unnatural waves appeared, the negative impact of which on all living organisms is evident and proven. These polluting waves disturb our electromagnetic balance and can affect our vital functions.

emf protection
emf protection from. Grid

Our exposure to electromagnetic pollution does not always leave marksvisible in the short term and its effects can vary from individual to individual, which can make it difficult for some to perceive the consequences on their health. We are pretty much all exposed to these fields in one way or another, but at different levels (exposure time, distance, strength, etc.) and, as each person is unique, our reactions may be different.

It is not only you who are affected, but also your family, your pets and livestock, your gardens and fields. Observe and assess the environment around you. Is your house located near electric towers? Have you had a smart electricity meter installed? How many electrical devices (even if they are not turned on, they give off energy) or wireless electronics do you have in your home? Do you work in a large office building? What kind of effect might you feel?

Since the late 1990s, more and more conclusive scientific research speaks of neurological reactions such as fatigue, tingling, headache, dizziness and various other physical symptoms indicating electromagnetic sensitivity. According to a scientific article published in Global Research in 2012, in other countries, including Sweden to name but one, electro-hypersensitivity is recognized as a documented debilitating disease and many studies have already proven it. ‘increased risk of “poisoning” resulting from prolonged exposure to radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields. In addition, these fields can cause problems related to the reproductive system, depression, Alzheimer’s,amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and various types of cancer (both childhood and adult) 

So why are our government and the popular media denying the risks? Are they influenced by technology companies and by research funded, and therefore biased, by this industry? Are we dealing with a situation similar to that of the 1950s when the doctors said cigarettes were good for you?

What can you do?

In our modern society, it is difficult for us to do without electricity and wireless technologies. There are still some things you can do to protect yourself or limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields. For example, avoid keeping your cell phone with you at all times (e.g. in your pockets), if you do not want to connect to the Internet with a cable, remember to turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not using it, even thing for the mobile data of your cell phone, you can also refuse to have a smart meter installed on your house to calculate your electricity use, etc.

Using Technology To Protect Ourselves From EMF

You can now easily protect your entire family, anywhere you are,   EMF can be completely blocked with faraday cages.  A great way to also go under the radar and block any communication from any devices going in or out.  But I would suggest using devices that neutralize those frequencies.  Meaning that it makes them harmless while you still access all information and communication services.

Neutralizer devices will change the harmful positive ions that affect the body into negative ions which will harmonize with the body and organic matter around you.

This science is now affordable and proven very efficient.  Here’s a sample of what it does and how it acts on your body.


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